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Instant compatibility

  Near most of the profiles of Russian women there is a set of five hearts. What do they mean? With some ladies I have 5 red hearts , with others pink or grey hearts. Red hearts show Instant compatibility with the Russian ladies.
Certainly, it does not do Mean, that if you have ideal compatibility with the Russian woman, you and it will fall Enamoured immidiately. But it shows those people with whom you can build long-term and Happy attitudes.

Ukrainian and Russian women
Ukrainian wonen

Online translator

  Have you noticed the most interesting ladies on Russian dating sites speak only Russian and no English? Yes, in many cases it is true. We have found the decision.
On our site you will have the translator online. Each of you can Write on your native language and translate letters which arrive to you.
It is a question From a habit, you can understand that your girl speaks you, and it can understand yours Words.
Good communication is beginning of good relationship!
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  I saw many interesting girls in your estimation of a photo, I could place my picture for Russian Lady to see? I can write to girls from a photo estimating which has involved my interest? You should be registered, and then you can place your photo in an estimation of a photo and see girls Who gives you the highest norm. You can estimate pictures of girls also. From all pictures in The picture estimating you can go to a structure of the person. If you inserted the highest norm The photo estimating then the notice on it will send it. It is good chance To see, who loves you.
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Video-audio messages

  Do you want to see your lady in a real life? Do you want to show your lady your real self? Send an audio/video message to your lady. If she has a video cam, ask to send an audio/ video message to you. Soon we will have a video-chat for Gold members!
Ukrainian and Russian women

Women online now

russian woman Kseniya 37 y.o.
russian woman Zhairys Carolina 24 y.o.
russian woman Юлия 38 y.o.
russian woman Mila 24 y.o.
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Ukrainian wonen

Anti-scam program

  We have the unique program of antifraud which helps us to get rid our site of informers. We do not look only through lists of informers (we have our own The list of the informer also where people can register informers), but also and see through their adaptation It is easy - to change for informers names, photos, e-mail addresses. But some things which they cannot change and we follow them to protect you from them.
Ukrainian and Russian women
Ukrainian wonen

Something about our work

  Each girl which are registered to our site, passes manual processing by the manager who Check up its structure..

Every week we add 70-120 new structures of unique Russian girls and the Russian women to ours Database online.

Every week we reject 50-80 scammers that try to register to the site.

Every week 30-50 girls delete themselves from our online database as they found their soul mate and do not need our service anymore.
Almost every day we receive letters of thanks from our clients who have found their partners through our dating agency Register and find your lady on the site.
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Detailed compatibility report

  All we wish to have the partner for all our life, to love, cherish, worry about the person, To be favourite in exchange and to trust it completely. How to not make a mistake? How to find The person with whom you will be convenient with whom it will be such pleasure to Live together, to possess together, to grow beside. How to build attitudes so What they will be greater for both from partners? The thing is when we receive acquanted On the Internet we have not enough information abour the person whom we correspond. The person Finds the girl, it comes to meet it, they have some precious days together and then it Should come back back. It has a choice to wait during other time and to meet again, but it - again Some days or to make the visa of the bride to it and to invite it to its place. Read our in-depth detailed compatibility report. You can look into the eyes of the future and make your future as you like it.

Top rated Russian women's photos

Russian woman Yuliya
Russian woman Anastasija
Russian woman Вера
Russian woman Юля
Russian woman Олеся
Russian woman Ana
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The types of Russian women that can be met on dating sites (and in life :) )

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1st type "The pure ingenuousness"

  Such girls place usually nonprofessional photos of poor quality in their questionnaires. You can investigate hardly carefully their persons in such photos, but you can observe their life and environment which they represent with humour. They pass the greatest part of formal columns, but in " long answers ", they write something amusing and very personal. Such girls search for close and warm attitudes. They are sensual, natural, and they do not demand much of a man. With such girl it is possible to carry the warm appendix to its loved person to positive aspects of marriage. It does not aspire to show its advantage and influence, and it in a condition to admire sincerely. About such girl the person feels as the real person. We can carry their high need to negative aspects to communicate. They do not settle themselves usually with studying deeply foreign languages and when they - abroad, they pass contacts to people. Because of it they can be depressed, whimsical, and they can make highly groundless claims .
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2nd type "Effect and ambitions"

  Photos of such girls remind of coverings of a fashion to magazines. They do not save their time and money for stylists and photographers, they aspire to show their success doing photos in dear clothes or about prestigious cars. They describe all of them advantages in questionnaires and demand it is a lot of. Such girls, as a rule, have reached something in their life for this reason, they wish to have about the active and successful person as their partner. With such girl we can carry their spillovers and ability to positive aspects of marriage to present in favorable light. With such girl it not the shame to appear in the company. Except for that such girls are very active. They are capable to be not only mothers and wives, but also and precious allies in your business. We should carry their ambitions to negative aspects and a careerism. They will not remain at home, but they will try to find their field of activity and to show you their importance and influence. And if your business by some reason will decay during some time they will easily change you for more successful partner.
Ukrainian wonen

3rd type "Stability and reliability"

  Photos of such girls remind of photos for documents. Even if the professional worked with them, they look anyhow compelled. In questionnaires they fill honesty all columns, and in " long answers ", they place banal expressions. Such girls search for stable and safe attitudes. Their requirements, as a rule, are not so high. But, wishing repeatedly to be insured, they - very cautious and slow choice of their second half. To Positive aspects of such girls we can carry their stability and rationality. They - economical, good mothers and the devoted wives. They are capable to go through quarrel, and they will not leave you if you should bear the adverse period in your affairs. We should carry their low flexibility and weak ability to adaptation to negative aspects. They are very attached to their parents and friends, a usual life and work. To decide to move and adapt itself for new conditions, they require a lot of time.
Ukrainian wonen

4th type "Artistry and creation"

  Such girls like to make photos on a background with colors or landscapes. They look very unusually and try to be distinguished and to draw someone's attention. Their photos are often processed by means of computer schedules. They ignore the greatest part of formal questions, and in " long answers ", they write little bit romantic or philosophical phrase. Such girls search for attention and admiration. They come nearer to any question in the creative and atypical way, including family and their personal building of the image. To positive qualities of such girls we can carry flexibility of opinion and high ability to adapt to new conditions of a life. Except for that they aspire to meet with approval and an estimation, and for this reason they think constantly of how to make, to be surprised and admired with their husband. We can carry that very constant need for attention and an estimation to negative aspects. They like to show their beauty, flirting with other men and if the jealousy will be not strange for you it will be not easy to live for you with such girl.

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Questions of men

  well, I do not love idea concerning necessity to pay only to send messages to someone, I Interested. I have payed for services as it before, and they were brought totall, And I have lead hours, trying to return payments because of dissappointing a dated site. In most of all I always win cases. Unfornatly Im only not in the whole thing of payment. If it was free Then assured I would remain, but hey thats a life which I assume. Thanks for presence me here nevertheless.

1.I think, that you were before on a site with the Russian and Ukrainian brides of mail, a site which sell Addresses. I agree, that it can be unfavourable enough.
Approximately 5 percent of women which are registered to a site, remove itself in 5-10 days, They are disappointed in services of dating of the Internet, or it has been made on °яюЁх the moment Or they have quickly found someone on a site and to wish to continue the communications only with it. On a site which sell electronic letters which they will not answer only.
Approximately 5 percent of women are interested so, which arrive to check up their mail once in Month. On brides of the postal order it is impossible to differ them from girls, which Really interested also arrive to check up their mail regurarly.
The most serious problem on a site which sells e-mail, - informers. If the first The letter seems the informer as, we check the address of the girl and other things the same dayand If we see, that the girl - really informer, we place it in our list of the informer, and men can see It also does not communicate with it. It easily and quickly to check up. But when men buy Address, as they can be modern if she is an informer or not.
Approximately 6 percent of women on our site change their personal electronic letters on a site everyone Month (their old invalid whom become) and after which they receive the notice on mail In their entrance mail box on a site in new e-mail but as there can be it made on these sites with Sale of electronic letters?
As you can see, that it is really difficult to update a database of girls on this site. Messages of e-mail of returning of men, girls do not answer or answer in a month when the person Has forgotten about them.

2. You do not pay for the communications. You pay for service, for system. It not Noticed, how many work should be daily made so that the site function well.
A lot of work it is made to check up new girls, to check up, that all complains. Nobody wishes to go Site with a lot of number of informers than normal girls.
The same as disposal of a site of informers, a lot of work should be made with men (═шухЁёъшщ a spam) that a payment from a roguish credit card and then Start to try to girls of fraud. (yes, yes, it happens also),
A lot of work it is made to make a site a lung to find for the Russian girls. It is important to have a wide range for men and women.
Some programmers work all time to bring new functionalities to a site..
Some servers work in various parts of the world to make sites fast, to load for people from all countries.
Work of designers, psychologists, managers, managers of system, support managers it is necessary to pay also.
If you think, that it is favourable business of the first-rate quality where you only sit and receive money from anywhere try :), and let's see.

Ukrainian wonen

How to find love in Russia

Step 1 Register to the site, try to put several good photos of you (not made by your mobile)

Step 2 Be active - prove to be as the confident and vigorous person, as you certainly. Write letters. The best number - 40-50. Who will allow to see it to you, youare convenient with who will be interested in you.

Step 3 Communicate with several Russian women whom you love. See, whether they answer your question if you are convenient with them. You will not know what to tell with some of them, but you immediately will find some themes with others.

Step 4 Do not do the communications under letters long. The Russian ladies mainly do not love it. They - afaid which it will conduct To any result, but they are seriously inclined and want good result. Ask a phone number and phone to it

Step 5 If it has children, ask it about them. Tell to it about your children. Ask the important items on family attitudes, on education of children

Step 6 If you really like her after phone calls and letters, if you wait during time to call - not vainly waste time, do Do not force time to destroy something, that has started to grow between you - Arrive to Russia and meet it personally. Alive in The hotel, not in its place if you fall in love each other in, it will make, you have acquainted with its parents, children.

Step 7 Try to arrange the next meeting as soon as possible or make arrangements to marry her.

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